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Prior to my accident I had done all of the right things to insure myself and my family against various things that can happen which could affect your family and your ability to support them if something were to occur. My insurance coverage has throughout been a godsend to our family that has allowed Monica to have time off work to help me through the most difficult stages of rehabilitation particularly whilst I was in hospital. The most important aspect of having insurance coverage during my time so far with this condition, is the removal of financial pressure on our relationship and our new way of life.

I had full life and income protection insurance including total permanent disability (TPD) which is obviously what I am now confronted with. This insurance coverage allowed Monica and Ashley to be with me during the most difficult and trying times of this injury and continues to benefit us to this day. This is how it should be if you were as a family faced with one of the members of your family dealing with this condition.

If you would like me to speak to a group or at a function, please contact me.

In the meantime, enjoy a short video about my experience.