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Setting up your Website

So you run a small business and need to set up a website. Or you already have a website but don’t know what content to put on it. How best do you advertise and market your business using the Internet and social media? There are some key principles you need to follow when setting up your website.

Content Driven

From a search engine perspective (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) the key to your website is not what it looks like but the content on the site. The more valuable content you put on your site the more likely search engines are to pick up your site. Search engines do not look for images, they look for text. So the text that you provide these search engines is of vital importance to the success of your site. Michael can help you translate what it is that you do and want to sell to provide valuable content to the World Wide Web.

Attractive but Simple

Obviously you want your website to look good, but you do not want to hide the content from people who land on your site. You also want to be able to easily maintain the content yourself. Once your website is set up, the last thing you want to do is to be paying somebody to support it on your behalf. Michael can help you set up a simple website and a way of adding content on a regular basis with ease.

Using Social Media

Social media is becoming a powerful tool in marketing. So how do I use social media to advertise and market my products and services? There are a number of rules to follow and pitfalls to avoid when using social media for this purpose. The main thing you need to do is use your website as the hub for your information and intellectual property. You can then use social media to proliferate your “website content” using social media. Social media should not own your content, you want to use it to direct potential customers back to your website. Michael can help you navigate the minefield of what information to put where.

Facebook, Twitter and Others

Facebook and Twitter were essentially started as a means to keep in touch with friends in a digital sense. Google Plus (Google+) is a new kid on the block and could become anything! LinkedIn is Facebook in a professional environment and can be powerful depending on your target market. They have become powerful marketing tools that you need to make sure you use them in the correct way. Information you put on this form of media becomes their intellectual property. Not only that, you don’t necessarily convert information you put into social media into a sale. Therefore you need to use social media to notify potential customers of your products and services but direct them back to your website so you can convert the sale.


YouTube has become a very powerful medium. The old adage that a picture is worth 1000 words goes up a notch when you can use video. With YouTube you can add descriptions to your video that are picked up by most search engines. You can then embed your video into your website and social media.

Making it Work Together

Michael can help you make the most of your website and to get everything to work together to maximise your chance of converting a sale. You can read more about Michael or follow his story on this website. With his background and the nature of his situation his aim is to help good people in small businesses set themselves up digitally at a more than reasonable price.