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Never in 1,000,000 years would I have thought it was possible to go mountain bike riding again. In between Melbourne and Geelong is a national park area known as the Youyangs. It is a steep hill that rises to about 400 m above a surrounding plain. At the base of the hill is a fabulous set of graded mountain bike paths. They are great for the kids to learn on so I thought I would try taking my three wheeler out for Ashley’s first mountain bike!

It was incredibly successful and a lot of fun for all involved. Ashley managed to get through about 17 km of singletrack trails and I covered about 12 km. My three wheeler bottomed out a few times and the slick tyres were an issue. Food for thought however as my mind is already busy designing a vehicle that will enable me to tackle slightly more challenging terrain. My riding speed is at about walking speed or just above when going up slight inclines and at about jogging speed when going down slight declines. The best part of the trip is just being part of the family experience in the bush, as well is it being mildly exhilarating as the tail end of the bike slides out going downhill and around the corners on slick tyres!

Bear it in mind if you are looking for a companion on a bushwalk or want to take the kids mountain bike riding. Also lads don’t forget about me if you are heading out. At the very least my riding can provide you with some light entertainment. A big thankyou to the Rourke family for embracing my “you just don’t know until you give it a go” attitude.