2,300 Signatures – 550 Bayside Residents!

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A big thankyou to the volunteers and everyone who helped gather signatures. The petition was submitted on Wednesday containing just under 2300 signatures, over 500 from residents of Bayside. This is apparently a record petition to Bayside council so well done.

If you still have a page of signatures out there, please still send them in as they can be submitted subsequent to the petition being lodged. This petition is being put to council at their meeting this Tuesday (25th May). It should give great leverage with council as we move towards achieving a safer Beach Rd. Let’s hope that common sense and democracy prevail.

I will keep you posted as to the results of this effort. From here we hopefully get to speak at an upcoming council meeting where it would be fantastic to have lots of people speak in support of this proposal. The petition clearly indicates that many people want council to reconsider the ‘No Stopping’ zone in conjunction with parking concessions to ensure a sensible compromise for all users of Beach Rd and it’s facilities. We are aware of a number of serious accidents and injuries involving parked cars and cyclists since council last considered the issue and chose to vote against it. The statistics provided to council on bicycle parked car accidents seem vastly understated, if you have been involved in such an accident, or know someone who has, please contact me (michael@michaelforbes.org). Whilst this issue has been ongoing for a number of years, accidents continue to happen each and every weekend.

In conjunction with the petition we are working towards addressing concerns raised at previous meetings. Particularly whether removal of parked cars would have a negative impact on the following:

  • impact to businesses of ‘No Stopping’ zone
  • noise levels generated by cyclists
  • entry to Beach Rd from driveways and side streets
  • traffic flow

Thanks again for your efforts in helping me collect this many signatures from a wheelchair. Ironically my wife and I were so busy counting signatures that we didn’t get to sign the petition ourselves! In the upcoming weeks there will be an opportunity to speak at council on this matter and I urge you to join me to show council the type of person who wants this safety measure addressed as a matter of urgency.