A New Era … Ashley at School and a New Website!

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Welcome all to the new look website. Since my accident there are a number of topics that I am getting approach to be involved in. To address these more easily, I have worked with my brother and his girlfriend to construct a new website which has topics and pages to address them. I am hoping that the additional information is more relevant to where I am at in my recovery and adequately discusses things I want to be involved in as time goes forward. Since my accident and having made a reasonable recovery I’m getting asked a lot of questions regarding the rehabilitation that I have undergone and methods we have used. The rehabilitation page will contain information that will hopefully assist others inflicted with spinal cord injury. I am hoping the content of this page will give people ideas for what might help them faced with similar ordeals. The insurance page discusses aspects of the insurance coverage that I had prior to this injury that I have found helpful. I would also like to use this page to improve aspects of insurance particularly to do with the use of roads by cyclists which is getting more and more prevalent. As more cyclists are choosing that method of transport I think it will be important to recognise cyclists as road users from an insurance perspective. This is not the case at the moment because you cannot register as a road user on a bicycle. The cycle safety page will provide updates on my involvement with cycle safety issues including my involvement with bodies and foundations aimed at improving the way a road is shared between bicycles and motor vehicles. I have also been asked and have accepted invitations to do public speaking. I have really enjoyed these opportunities and I hope the audience that I have spoken to have enjoyed what I’ve had to say and present. This page will provide information on the topics that I’m speaking about and even future engagements that I may be speaking at. So please enjoy the content of the website and any comments on its layout and content are welcome.

On another note my beautiful daughter Ashley has started school. This is a real milestone in our family as she has been through a lot more than your average child during the last two years. I’m pleased to say that at this stage as we start week three of her school life she appears to have settled in well. As her father I am very proud and very pleased to be involved in helping her get to school and home again in the afternoon. As time goes on I am looking forward to being involved in the classroom to help her and others develop through her first year of school. I am also pleased to report that I achieved a goal of mine in that I walked into her classroom. I was using crutches and it involved two steps. Ashley was wonderful and so pleased to see me in her classroom with all of the other parents helping her settle in.

Enjoy the photos that I have included of her first day at school.