Merry Christmas to all!

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Just a quick post to wish you all Merry Christmas. Monica’s family has begun to descend on us already with brother Simon and his wife Alexis and two kids arriving yesterday. I am looking forward to enjoying the festive season where my rehab and my health are not the centre of attention. I’m looking forward to focusing on the kids and enjoying their smiles and laughter over the next few weeks as we no doubt shower them with far too many gifts!

I am also looking forward to beginning a new year. This one has brought a little too much bad luck! My accident was bad enough and then our awesome dog Charli passed away last week. I had a dream to walk again with her and it breaks my heart that I can’t do that. I know that when I walk again no matter how far it is that she will be walking with me, looking up at me, stopping at every second tree to relieve herself, and of course seeking out food wherever it may be.

Whatever you have planned for the festive season all the best, keep well, and be safe.