Don’t tell me what I can’t do …. let me show you what I can do

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This was something that Mike said very early on in the acute spinal unit and it came back to me today when Mike returned from his weights session buzzing. He had managed to leg press 120 lbs with his right leg and 20 lbs with his left leg …. Ok, so the left leg has some catching up to do! He cannot feel his legs and (unless told) has no idea where they are but he is managing some limited controlled movements. They spasm lots (and lots and lots if you have seen them dancing around) which I think he finds both irritating and painful and do not function remotely ‘normally’ but still ….. if they can be made to be useful in some way that would be great!

Oh, and in a huge surprise to any of you who ever saw Mike ride and who have read anything about muscle memory – in the same session today, Mike turned 50 revolutions on bike pedals. Obviously it is a special wheelchair friendly setup that he can just drive up to and have his his feet clipped onto but still – I was very impressed!

Obviously a weekend at home was just what the doctor ordered and had Mike firing on all cylinders. We had a great weekend in the Blue House and surrounds, although we need to talk to the bakery and local supermarket about better access so Mike doesn’t have to hang outside while we duck in. It was great to be home together and to have people popping in and to see the kids playing in the backyard. I think Charli (the dog) was quite happy to see people around most of the day but Russ (the cat) seemed to like the peace and quiet of the past few weeks a bit better. We are so lucky to live where we do, to have such fantastic neighbours (and by that I mean the whole street and surrounding streets) and amazing friends. Mike and Ash had their much anticipated quiche and milkshake at Elwood patisserie but it was a bit windy for much park time. All in all, a great weekend so hopefully many more to follow.

To change tack … As any of you who have visited the donations page will know, the wonderful people at SuperSprint (thanks Chris) are helping support us by including details of this site in their e-newsletters and also by allowing us to run a raffle and collect donations on the day of the SuperSprint Degani Kinglake Ride this Sunday. As such …. I need 10 volunteers to help me out up at Wittlesea showgrounds. I will need people for a couple of hours anytime they can spare between 9:30am and 3:30pm, but particularly between 12 and 2. If you think you may be able to help out please contact me.

Oh, and a massive thankyou to my girlfriends – an amazing bunch of girls. In the last week they have visited, looked after Ash, shopped for me, helped me tidy and cooked meals for the week – you are all amazing but special thanks to Michelle, Mel and Rosa.

And to my folks who are off galavanting in KL …hi, and mum, I heard about your back and hope it is OK?? and on the mend … I know some great spinal physios.

Most importantly – HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE. We hope you have a very, very special 4th birthday and can’t wait to see you. We might even have birthday cake when you come in to visit. We hope you have a fantastic birthday morning and look forward to seeing you Tuesday afternoon – Bov has a couple of presents he picked especially for you! Ashley and I are helping him wrap them up for you.