A trip to the blue house ….. fan-fairy-tastic

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Firstly, Mike is sick. NO VISITORS PLEASE ,just for a couple of days so he can rest. Mike has been a bit off colour since Saturday – we are still not quite sure what is wrong.

In true ‘never say never’ fashion, Mike headed home to ‘the blue house’ for the first time in just over 10 weeks to spend fathers day with Ash. A very emotional and tiring day but I think well worth it. Realistically was going to be hard whenever it was done …. as Mike said – ‘I left home 10 weeks ago on my bike for a quick ride before a fun weekend and now I am home in a wheelchair’. The good news is that he got around the house really well — although as he says ‘in a wheelchair the house is tiny’. Access through the back was great and he could get around the main rooms and down the side of the house really easily. He took Ash to the park – again very emotional – the last time he took Ash to that park was the morning of the accident when he decided to stay a bit to play with her and ride later. All being well (ie, Mike being well) we are planning to be home for Saturday night this weekend.

I can’t finish off this post without a huge thankyou to “The Fairies”. Those of you with young girls will know how important ‘the fairies’ are in Ashley’s life. Although Mike is a bit fond of ‘Bubbles the Beach fairy” he wasn’t so fond of his iPod in ICU being overtaken with fairy music every time Ash came in, nor is he thrilled each time he tries to watch something on tele when Ash comes over and pops on her fairies DVD’s. Those of you that saw the photo’s from Mike’s birthday would have seen some of the fairy gear that gets a regular run at Royal Talbot (and any other venue we happen to be at). Obviously the fairies are a BIG part of our lives (whether we like it or not!). Yesterday a big box arrived addressed to Ashley – it was from the fairies – she loved it and felt incredibly special. She is convinced that they “knew” about ‘daddy’s accident and are trying to fix him’. She can’t wait to watch the new DVD with him and was absolutely thrilled with the pink letter that they sent her – it is up on Mike’s wall! Thankyou fairies – it was a fan-fairy-tastic surprise!

Here’s hoping that there are fairies out there and that they are giving their wands a big dust-off ready for some serious magic!