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Hi All,

Ash and I have finally made it home (to the ‘blue house’ as opposed to the ‘house near daddy’) for a night. Feels funny being so far away.

Click here for larger image of Lesley, Mike and Ashley

Another good day, he is exhausted and being sensible (which makes a nice change!). Thanks for letting him rest today. He loves his visitors and gets lots out of seeing everyone and all your support but really needed a rest today. He is completely focused on doing everything he can to aid whatever recovery he can get.

Hopefully trachae out tomorrow which is a huge step. He can’t wait to eat some food — the weirdo wants to eat fruit so I have promised to have watermelon and grapes on tap once they give the go ahead.

Just wanted to post a quick note to thank you all for your support – even though we are not yet online out at the hospital (due to technical difficulties — ie, me!) we get lots of updates and printouts come in that we read out. It is truly amazing the support that Mike is receiving. He is, I think, a bit over-whelmed and desperate to keep track of it all so he can pay people back.

We cannot thank everyone enough for their thoughts, prayers and well wishes …. although the cheeky part of me is still waiting for a couple of miracles and a powerball win!

On a more serious note:
We cannot thank everyone enough for everything that is just happening to allow me to concentrate my energy on Mike, and for Mike to concentrate on getting as much recovery as possible.
This is going to be a long haul and I want to thank everyone from the bottom on our hearts for their help and support thus far. I, for one, would be completely lost without it.

Too many people to thank. Special thanks to Sparky, EJ, Rob, Bedri and Noz for all their work on this site, legal stuff, money stuff and fund-raising stuff. Jules for research extraordinaire. Chris, Cam and Danny for the enduring visits and general stuff. Mitch and Sammy for making medical stuff mean something to me. Michelle for continuing to be Mike’s second (and far better) wife and for organising my life, making sure I get fed and that I feed my child something other than chocolate. You are all amazing.