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Suffering a spinal cord injury in 2008, Michael has undergone intense rehabilitation and is now capable of walking. Retrained in marketing, he now assists small businesses maximise their visibility on the Web and through social media. He also has an insurance story worth reading.

Social Media and Website Marketing

Run a small business and wonder how to maximise the use of your website? What should I put on my website and how do I update the content regularly? How do I use Facebook, Twitter and other social media to market my products and services? Michael is an IT consultant with more than 15 years experience. He has added some marketing training to his resume with an aim to help small businesses use the Web more effectively. Contact Michael for more information.

My Income Protection and Life Insurance Story

My accident was no fault of my own, but I had income protection, life and total permanent disability (TPD) insurance. Read about what having insurance has meant on my journey. Contact me for me to speak at a function about my experience.

Rehabilitation from Severe Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Michael suffered a cervical spinal cord injury in 2008 making him a quadriplegic. Michael has worked hard with the faculties the nervous system has given him back to maximise his recovery. You can follow his progress from the very beginning, or read about his rehabilitation methods.

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